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Thursday, October 4, 2012


Luxum Light
The ancient popular Greek mythology permeated the entire civilization. Notions of half animal and half men like creatures helped in shaping that day’s mind.

“Gods came to earth and joined themselves with humans and produced an offspring of demigods” this folkloric frame of mind had also filtered some of the Biblical truths.

The Macedonians exported Greek culture: politics, law, literature, philosophy, religion, and art, profoundly influencing all the civilizations and cultures of Judaism, Rome, Christianity and Islam.

The Hebrew apostles, although they too were Hellenized to certain extent, encountered great difficulties when trying to navigate in the Hellenistic culture. But what they have discovered would rather help than hinder. They found that the popular fascination with cosmic evils could actually help them spread the Gospel.

The Hebrews had adopted some purely pagan ideas in the countries of their exile and then formulated doctrines of their own, but today they do not busy their minds with them. Nonetheless these ideas passed on to the New Testament believers and do occupy much of their thinking today.

The popular belief was that Satan is behind everything evil and God is behind everything good. These opinions originate in dualism, which was introduced to us by the followers of the Persian philosopher Zoroaster and subsequently by Mani and then St. Augustine.

The scriptures must be taken with the Holy Spirit’s understanding otherwise the Bible will also become a book of legends.

Repentance leads to a living and vibrant relationship with the Father, and His Son already paid the necessary price for it. Once His Son’s price is accepted and the heavenly drill removes all ancient curses, demonic possessions and oppressions one will cease to be busy with the mind-seducing things of the opposite kind. This is what happened to the author. This split between good and evil, light and darkness was pagan to the core and yet the Jewish exiles had brooded in them and even produced many writings about them - for example - God losing a battle to Satan. Isn't that something? But that's the absolute truth. You can go and research all you want. The Jewish pain and frustration was vented against God, who supposed to love them and care for them, but the Jews felt rather abandoned by their God. In their dispair they either wanted to fight God or to altogether abandon Him. They did neither. Instead, they had produced volumes of books for which the ancient world went berserk. Devouring this most sensational literature ever written, "God lost a battle to His subordinate angel Satan" and this, coming from a Jew, was even more appetizing to a Gentile for in his mind, a Jew should know better. But, if the Jew says such things shouldn't we Gentiles take his arguments seriously? From this we have the evolution of dualism, which suited the Pagan Nations just fine.

This paradox can be only explained through a joke.

Yakov just heard that Avram does not believe in God anymore. It was Sabbath and they have met in a relaxed atmosphere. "Avram, I heard that you stopped believing in God, is that true?"
Avram responded by saying, "I cannot tell you if it's true or not. Come tomorrow and I'll tell you."
"But why can't you tell me today Avram?" Yakov insisted.
"Come tomorrow and I'll tell you." They haggled back and forth.

On the next day, Sunday, Yakov comes back again eager to hear Avram's answer.

"Well, Avram, is it true that you no longer believe in God?"
"It's true." Avram declared.
"But why couldn't you tell me this yesterday?" Yakov asked.
Avram quickly responded, "Are you crazy? On the Holy Sabbath?"    

"Woe to us Jews" I should say. Nonetheless, these writings survived in many forms; even to this very day. But the quandary I have found myself in (already in 1995) was the question, 'why the Almighty and the over-all sovereign God was trashed?' I found the answer, which spearheaded the Last Reformation, which I am about to bring also to America, and all English speaking countries.

With the apostle Paul the apostle unto the Gentiles and the reluctant St. Peter; dualism was better then polytheism. The first stage of (reformation), or the cleansing of pagans of all idolatry was done with dualism - God VS Satan. However, the cleansing of this ancient idolatry has been severely impeded by the repeated declarations that the Christian religion is most holy. So, how can you reform something that is believed to be most holy? - Unless the Almighty God supernaturally intervenes I am doomed. I'd rather not live. As God's slave, that's how I feel.

Today, we have entered another period in which we see gaps not only in the holy writ, but in the current Christian theology, which if not rectified very soon, it will lead to defections. The only chance the Christian church would have is to keep people uninformed, and to put it crudely, stupid. This was not my first choice of words, yet, as I speak with nonreligious people who have something against religion (not against God); they listen to me with wide open eyes and their jaws dropped; they seem to not have enough of my sayings. They are starved for intelligence and not for indoctrination. If we do not meet this urgent need in our time; we will commit suicide, in terms of sudden or gradual death to Christianity; this is already happening in Great Brittan. People are holding on to religious traditions with the skin of their teeth, but for how long?

So, the period of indoctrination comes to an end and the time of intelligent reasoning has just arrived; and we must deal with it now.                   

Dualism will be fading away and the true monotheism will finally arrive. The use of opposites helps us to crystalize things just as a colorful picture looks the best on a black background, and also vivid colors on gray canvas. Minus and plus helps us to choose the plus, which gives; while minus takes away. By these contrasts we are also tested as to what stuff we are made of. If you are intrigued by the pitch black background of a vividly colorful picture than there is something abnormal going on; the normal thing is to admire a picture, the shapes and colors and not what might hide behind it in the obscurity of blackness.

Man had to discover that fantastic things, like the seven-headed dragon of the Book of Revelations, is more appetizing to a consumer than the plain truth. The propagation of mystery, mind-seducing stories and outlandish ideas of cosmic proportions have indeed seduced the mind of many. Something that God worked so hard to establish has been hijacked, ravaged and trashed. Time is ticking away. God has time, but do we? Do we care? The true monotheism has been thrown into obscurity. The truth, however, does not seduce, it leads. Truth never pushes, it only guides. Anything sensational, outlandish or alien is not of the truth.

Preachers like to grab our attention with unusual stories. A missionary brother told me how in Brazil demons were coming from the jungle and raped women, bore children, stole them and brought those strange looking creatures back into the jungle.

In Argentina I was told that the demon-possessed confessed that aliens came to their town and took them captive. So, some of the pastors were busy casting out aliens out of people. (I've been around my friend.)

In Mexico I was told about demon-possessed people who changed into animal-like creatures crawling on walls and sealing; and like chameleon changed colors from yellow to green to red.

One thing I also noticed. As those people carried on with their stories they watched my reactions. The more I was saying, "Wow!" "Really?" the 'better' was their story.

I have seen all sorts of incredible things, but in the realm of the supernatural and of the sublime kind. Yes, I have seen the dying healed, warts and tumors vanishing at the sound of my voice; these wonderful things I only did in the most wonderful name of Jesus, Yeshua the Savior. I have cast out many demons. All I saw was that when the demon-possessed was liberated he and she changed from ugliness to beauty, from torment and despair to joy and glory.

Just as it is in India today, those millions of gods they venerate are in fact unclean spirits of the dead.  

In St. Louis Missouri I've been with a man who was possessed with demons of sexual perversion. Those demons have resided in his father and his aunt. You can call them family demons.

For I am mindful of the sincere faith within you, which first dwelt in your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice, and I am sure that it is in you as well (2 Timothy 1:5).

God's faith already dwelled in the grandmother and also in Timothy's mother; Timothy's legacy. The point is that a family can be bound with unclean spirits of past lives, just as one can walk in God's glorious freedom because of the righteous legacy. True repentance cuts through any ancestral bondage and releases a person into a brand new reality (Liberation). 

As I was trying to cast those demons out of the man they have attacked me trying to strangle me. I could not breathe. I cried to God for help. The man laughed as we started to empty his house filled with literally thousands of porno magazines under his bed, so grotesque that the word 'perturbed' would not describe how I felt. I was shocked. I was no saint myself then. These things do profoundly affect you, but that's exactly what the perverts relish above anything else. The same is in the Heavy Metal Rock as well as all other exhibitionist parades. It thrills a pervert when he can share (too mild a word), or rather impose his perversions on others. This happened in Sodom and Gomorrah.

My knees buckled, I quivered and  heavily perspired. That was the reason I was choking as my blood pressure rose and my heart rate raced. My mind was not yet reformed. I was deeply into dualism and my battle was with the devil himself. Today I understand these things much better. I've been cleansed, Yes, I am fully reformed and I wish the same for you.

The reformation of my mind started in Rotterdam Holland in the middle of my preaching. I stopped and looked for the Hebrew word "TZELEM" which means an image reflection. We are TZELEM'S because we reflect. Jesus said, 'when you see Me you see the Father' because He the Son of Man had perfectly reflected His Father, God the Spirit. Whatever Jesus said it was the Father's word; and whatever He did it was also the Father. Perfect physical representation of something purely spiritual - we can say for lack of a better expression.

"TZELEM" also means something that appears and disappears. Jesus said that He would not leave us orphaned; He would ask the Father for the PARAKLETOS (helper) the Holy Spirit. So Jesus, appeared and disappeared so that we would not cling to physical images, but rather know God spiritually. This ability has not yet been fully restored and then sharpened.

When God created Adam he was to reflect God on earth.

So Jacob said to his household and to all who were with him, “Put away the foreign gods which are among you, and purify yourselves and change your garments; and let us arise and go up to Bethel, and I will make an altar there to God, who answered me in the day of my distress and has been with me wherever I have gone” (Genesis 35:2-3). 

The word "imagination" comes from "image" and "ition" (Latin, stem, ion) an extension of an image, which is found in the mind. Notion or an idea added to an image produces true or false imaginations, hence I chose the word 'Illusion.' To seduce and pollute the mind is easy, but to reform it is very hard.

[John 10:34-35] Jesus answered them, “Has it not been written in your Law, ‘I said, you are gods’? “If he called them gods, to whom the word of God came (and the Scripture cannot be broken). 

It means that God wants to make Himself one with His creation, for we are His TZELEM on earth. But if His TZELEM is so deformed and confusing than how can such one represent the true God on earth?  God's word to us blends us with God through His Word; just as I become one with my spouse by exchanging information, communicating, talking and communing.

From that point on I was strongly led to dig for the complete truth. I wrote the introduction to a larger book (entitled Truth and Illusion the Last Reformation published in German) DIVINELY POWERFUL WEAPONS OF WAR.

It is available on SCRIBD - Free Download.

Those who have read this book for the very first time were shocked. I wrote it in the fervor of a brand new discovery. I felt that I was deprived of this knowledge for much too long. I was also angry at those who had formulated theology and yet have not taught us logical thinking as if the Bible is not logical. Blind faith is not what God expects from us.

The Bible was written by the Hebrew people we call Jews today. They have not gone away and have not assimilated with the Gentiles. After 2000 years they have returned to the ancient land of Israel, which has been left desolate. Ruled by Turkey, the British and Jordan, Palestine was called Transjordan until the birth of the State of Israel in 1947.

In 1948 the surrounding Arab nations assembled themselves to kill the newborn baby. Although they were also created by the United Nations - just as Israel was through the partition and the subsequent declaration of the State of Israel by David Ben Gurion - yet they could not stand the Jewish state. Like a speck of sand in the eye they were determined to wipe Israel off the map.

Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Libya and Iraq, were all established as countries with fixed boundaries by the UN. Prior to that these were loosely allied Islamic tribes.

Jews did not write the New Testament neither did they compile it. Although Jesus and His disciples were Jewish the New Testament contains their letters and also the later found gospels (about 300 years).

Jews were exiled for the second time and that took place in 70 AD. Many of them lived in Spain and after their expulsion from Spain they went to Germany, Poland and Russia. The absolute sovereignty of God and the original seed of monotheism remained buried amongst the despised Jews until the rebirth of Israel in 1947; and its victory over the Arabs in 1948, 1953, 1967, 1973, 1982 and the most recent war with Hezbollah.
I am the LORD, and there is no other; besides Me there is no God. I will gird you, though you have not known Me; that men may know from the rising to the setting of the sun that there is no one besides Me. I am the LORD, and there is no other, the One forming light and creating darkness, I am the LORD who does all these. Causing well-being and creating calamity; (Isaiah 45:5-7).

This singularity of the only one God has been lost in Christianity. He is the one who created all the subordinate to Him angels, which included light and darkness and of course Satan; who serves as prosecutor in God's court of law. Satan, being God's created being was made without free-will, which is only possible in the physical realm of time and locale. Angels are winds, flames and spirits; hence, they do not have their own identity. Jesus said that after resurrection we shall be like angels, genderless; and logically so, body-less.

The quick parting with beliefs like the one the God of Light vs. the the god of this world, or prince of darkness, proves that we are God's germinating seed. Only His children will cling to Him the only One God. Those who are slow in embracing this truth deal with theological and self-defined issues and of course pride. Indeed, it is hard to let go of the pride of life. Only God's children want to see Him as the only Sovereign over all of His creation God. Only His children want to see their Father as the ALL POWERFUL, ALL MIGHTY God; and not as some weakling who supposedly was forced to throw out of heaven the nuisance (Lucifer). Why others have difficulties with the portrayal of the fully in control God? Is the old picture better?  Don't you want to know the awesome Almighty God as your personal Father whom Jesus introduced to us?      

If this short history of the Bible grabbed your attention than download the booklet and start reforming yourself. The seed of divine faith is already in you. Let it now grow a large and fruitful tree.

Luxum Light / Author & Editor

As the waves of time roll onward into unknown and yet unexplored regions we can only write what the one-dimensional realm of no time and no space bouquets us with. Transferring timeless properties down to this realm takes an effort. A reader must be interested enough to absorb it. Drop me a coin. Appreciate it.


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